Healthy Shit You Can Make: Bone Broth

Much like man buns, earthenware and every font on this website, bone broth seems to be having a moment. I’d never heard of it until I took a nutrition class from this lady and the very first… Continue reading

Heart: The Perfect V-Day Treat!

In honor of V-Day I’m gonna talk about something I LOVE: Organ meats! Okay fine, I don’t love them, but I really like how healthy they are. Offal bits like tongue, liver, heart, kidneys, sweetbreads (that’s pancreas,… Continue reading

Homeo Q&A With Andy Pearson: Ultramarathon Runner

30-year-old Andy Pearson runs 100-mile trail races several times per year. He has a full-time job, a wife (me) and he’s more or less normal. But seriously, 100 miles? WTF? I thought he’d make a… Continue reading

WOO or EW: Float Lab in Venice Beach, CA

I heard that floating naked in a salt-water sensory deprivation tank was supposed to be super peaceful and rejuvenating, so I read the reviews of the floaty place in my nabes, and decided… Continue reading

Activated Charcoal: Traveler’s Bestie

Have you ever had traveler’s diarrhea? No? Mazel. Yes? I KNOW BRO. It sucks. JK, IT BLOWS!!! Last time this happened to me, I was at a wedding in Mississippi and was determined… Continue reading

I Paid $50 For: A Squatty Potty

The argument goes something like this: humans have been squatting to poo since forever, and it wasn’t until roughly a century ago that we switched to crapping in chairs. Apparently, sit-shitting is bad… Continue reading

I Just Breathed the Cleanest Air On Earth And Now I’m Better Than You

Oh, what’s that random Facebook friend from high school? You married a tech entrepreneur, lost 100 lbs, have two perfect kids and a six-pack and just hosted a Zac Posen trunk show in… Continue reading


People are always like, dude, you’re a WORLD-FAMOUS health blogger—what are you eating these days? WAIT JUST KIDDING. Unless you’re an ultra-marathon runner or an ageless cyborg, nobody gives a fuck. But that doesn’t stop… Continue reading

I Paid $35 For: Compression Socks

I heard that compression socks can help maintain circulation while you’re flying and guard against blood clots and something gross called Deep Vein Thrombosis (Don’t Google this). Since research is totes boring, I… Continue reading

Bedbugs: Worse Than A Thai Prison

Remember that 90s Claire Danes movie where two girls go on vacay and accidentally get trapped in a Thai prison and almost die? I’m pretty sure that was actually an allegory for bedbugs.… Continue reading

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