How to Sit at a Desk All Day (Assuming You Haven’t Already Quit Your Job to Start an Organic Farm in Boulder Canyon)

Dear readers (aka mom, dad and Steve) apologies for the hiatus. I wish I could say I’ve been SO BUSY researching Myers cocktails, skin brushing and mercury toxicity that I’ve had no time to blog. But the… Continue reading

I Paid $45 for 45 Minutes in an Infrared Sauna

For some, Saturday morning is a time to sleep in. Or exercise. Or suffer an alcohol-induced anxiety attack based on a series of weird/ sexually ambiguous texts from the night before. Or, for just $45 and… Continue reading

Homeo Q&A with Acupuncturist Eric Schmidt: A Man Who Listens to Your Gut

You know in A Beautiful Mind when Russell Crowe makes that OCD string map on his wall searching for clues to a Soviet conspiracy plot? That’s basically what Eric Schmidt did for my… Continue reading

WOO or EW: Reiki Healing at Slope Wellness in Park Slope, Brooklyn

I don’t need a special occasion to treat myself to what my mother would call crazy hippie witchcraft, so you can imagine what an easy sell I am when it IS a special occasion. This week I turned baby-making… Continue reading

Why Are People Putting Butter in Their Coffee?

Recently, a dude with no formal medical training has been touting the health benefits of Bulletproof Coffee: coffee blended with grass-fed butter. He takes a lot of flak from critics who think this is either… Continue reading

How to Poach the Shit Out of Eggs

Say what you will about her portfolio, her egg-poaching game is blue chip as fuck. Today’s post is both a celebration of my favorite food that’s not wine, as well as a straight lift from… Continue reading

What Should I Drink Even Though I Shouldn’t?

In a perfect world, alcohol would taste like frisee and in an even more perfect world frisee wouldn’t exist because it’s stupid (if you don’t know what frisee is, just imagine Mother Nature’s pubes). Despite all… Continue reading

This Post Is About Periods

You know that thing when you’re at a solstice celebration and you overhear two women near the drum circle discussing Diva Cups and one chick is all “I follow a red moon cycle” and the other chick is… Continue reading

Change Your Salt, Change Your Life

You know that dirty hippie in your dorm who was always like DUDE. Why even listen to Phish on CD? They’re a live band and you’re supposed to experience them in person while you eat weed burritos and… Continue reading

Homeo Q&A with David Osorio: CrossFit Owner

To me, CrossFit is a steamy storefront fitness cult where crazy people grunt-squat until they black out. To David Osorio, CrossFit is home. Since 2007, David’s been head coach and owner of CrossFit South… Continue reading

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