WTF is this blog?

If you don’t like WHAS, this blog is not for you.


Have you ever been the level of interested in something where you would definitely read about it but almost definitely not spend money on it? I get it. That’s how I feel about skydiving and pet ownership and most Pixar movies. But it’s NOT how I feel about the kind of yet-to-be-evaluated-by-the-FDA health-related practices that some people I know (especially all my friends) would classify as “weird-ass hippie shit”. Some of this stuff works, some of it doesn’t, and the rest of it is just fun to talk about at dinner parties that I’ll never be invited back to.

So, if you’re interested in, but also not ready to commit to alternative pursuits such as earthing, oil-pulling, reiki healing, and the like, great. I’ve committed, and you can read about it here. Be warned: I have no medical training and when it comes to research I’m honestly pretty lazy, but more on that later. Or not.

In the words of the esteemed Dr. Steve Brule: To your health!