Finally, A Natural Deodorant That Works


What successful hippies smell like.

Guys. I can’t believe I haven’t posted since July. You can probably smell the guilt through the computer. You know what you can’t smell? ME. That’s because FINALLY, after years of combing Whole Foods and the Internet for an aluminum-free deodorant that works, the quest has ended. I’ve tried a bunch, including but not limited to: Primal Pit Paste, Toms, Herban Cowboy, lemons, and some messy homemade shit, but nothing I’ve used comes close to Native. It’s paraben-free, aluminum-free, unscented, and I swear on my life, it works. Okay, not for as long as the regular stuff, but it’s at least effective for a few hours. If you’re a normal person, you probably think $12 + shipping is a lot for a bar of armpit soap, but I’m willing to roll the dice because like ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE ON THE PLANET aluminum scares the shit out of me.