Foreign Fingers Part 2: Thai Massage in Copenhagen


Looks can be deceiving. Thank God for YELP.

So after my not-so-great reflexology experience in Amsterdam, I was ready to get back on the horse. And by horse I mean moderately-clean massage table with stains I chose to overlook. Welcome to Part 2 of my Foreign Fingers series, where I will review a recent Thai massage in Copenhagen.

What: 60-minute full-body Thai massage

Where: Tawan Massage in Copenhagen’s Frederiksberg neighborhood

Cost: 400 DKK (about $60)

I’d never had a Thai massage before, but that didn’t stop me from trusting a lone Yelp review without doing any research. Had I taken the time to Google Thai massage, I would have learned that it is an ancient healing practice that combines acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures—basically my 3 favorite things that aren’t wine. What research couldn’t possibly have told me, is that when performed properly by a short, jolly woman named Lik, Thai massage IS SO FUCKING AWESOME YOU WILL WANT TO MARRY IT.

What went down at Tawan?

I met Lik outside the spa smoking a butt—and while this kind of behavior would never fly at Burke Williams, so confident was this woman in her ability to turn my body into a wonderland that she just smiled, took one last puff, and ushered me inside. I was a little weirded out when she stayed IN the room while I undressed, but again, who fucking cares. The next 60 minutes were so awesome I wouldn’t have cared if she’d been blowing lines off my ass (ok, I WOULD have cared, but I probably wouldn’t have said anything). She massaged every part of my body, did some weird back-cracking stuff, touched my head like it has never been touched before, and squatted ON the table, over my body to stretch me in previously un-stretchable formations. There was a lot of smiling, giggling, and general warmness that even included a post-massage hug.

Worth it? OMG YES x 100. I went back to see Lik 3 days later and massage #2 was even better (full disclosure: this was after half a bottle of rosé at the equally awesome Ma Poule in Torvehallerne). If you go to Copenhagen and don’t mind small Thai women giggling when you cry out in stretch-pain, GO HERE.