Mint Tea: How Did I Only Just Learn About This?

Mint tea: Amsterdam's answer to everything else!

Mint tea: Amsterdam’s answer to everything else!

It makes sense that a city whose dining establishments sell mostly coffee, chocolate, bread, cheese, more cheese, fried cheese balls, and the occasional White Widow joint is also ground zero for something your insides will actually enjoy: mint tea. I recently spent a week in the charming glutenhagen of Amsterdam, so I needed something to mitigate the effects of constant cheese sampling (which is a thing you can do in pretty much every store) and this simple, delicious bevy did the trick.

How to make mint tea like a tall, attractive Dutchie:

1. Place a generous sprig of fresh mint in hot water and let steep for a few minutes. If you don’t use a clear glass, you’re doing it wrong.

2. Optional additions: ginger, lemon, and/or honey.

Mint is good for digestion, helps soothe an upset stomach, and can be used to combat fatigue, which is a thing that can happen when you spend 9 hours in a confined space watching American Sniper on repeat while you inhale the recycled farty air of 700 screaming babies. You can read more about the health benefits of mint here and here, and also everywhere else on the internet. Unlike bitterballenturkish pizza, and the mind-blowing, Satan-baked apple pie at this place, mint tea is one Dutch delicacy I’d like to bring back home to the charmless land of strip malls, palm trees, gluten-shaming, and illegal prostitution.

Note: special thanks to this bread-and-cheese enthusiast for showing me a good time! If you want to know what else this boozy ex-pat recommends, you can check out her weird and awesome blog