Chimes of Gluten-freedom

Being healthy is BOSS.

Being healthy is BOSS.

Thanks McSweeney’s for caring about the same shit I care about.


Alternative Health Establishments That Should Be Opened By Characters from Bruce Springsteen Songs

1. Puerto Rican Jane’s Prenatal Yoga

2. Hazy Davy’s Hydroponics

3. Little Dynamite’s Colon Irrigation & Hydrotherapy

4. Outlaw Pete’s Lactation Clinic

5. Wild Billy’s Floatation Lab

6. Sloppy Sue’s Unpasteurized Creamery

7. Mary & Wendy’s Tea Bar & Apothecary

8. Bobby Jean’s Raw-vegan Rice Cream Truck

9. Johnny 99’s CranioSacral Massage

10. Weak Knee Willie’s Acupuncture & Reflexology

11. Rosalita’s Grassfed Carniceria

12. Zero’s Organic Gyros

13. Blind Terry’s Drive-thru Supplement Shack

14. Candy’s Reiki Room

15. My Father’s Freezer: Cold-pressed Juices, Tonics & Tinctures

16. Jersey Girl Chemical-free Spray Tanning Studio

17. Killer Joe’s Offal & Falafel

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