Why Are People Putting Butter in Their Coffee?

It makes sense. But it also doesn't make sense.

It makes sense. But it also doesn’t make sense.

Recently, a dude with no formal medical training has been touting the health benefits of Bulletproof Coffee: coffee blended with grass-fed butter. He takes a lot of flak from critics who think this is either gross or incorrect or sacrilegious or just a ploy to sell his $28 proprietary beans. Honestly, who cares. I’ve been drinking BPC almost every day for a year and it’s delicious, satisfying, and gives me a shit-ton of energy without a jittery caffeine rush. So, thumbs up. If this sounds like the kind of weird morning ritual you might be into, you first need to buy into the double premise that both high-quality organic coffee and saturated-fat-laden grass-fed butter are good for you. I believe both of these things, so I’m an easy mark. You can make BPC with any high-quality organic coffee (you don’t have to use Dave’s $28 beans) and any unsalted grass-fed butter (Kerrygold is cheap and widely available). Some advanced drinkers add coconut oil or MCT oil but if you do this, start slowly or you will mos def shit your pants. TMI? You’re welcome. Okay, so how do you make it? Dave does a video demo, but if you want to avoid the uncomfortable intro, just follow these directions:

How to make Bulletproof Coffee:

1. Grind 2 Tbsp of high-quality organic coffee beans.

2. French press them with 8-12 oz. of filtered water (let sit for 4 minutes before pressing).

3. Blend in a blender with a pat of grass-fed butter for 30 seconds.

4. Optional: add coconut oil or MTC oil.

According to some, this tastes like ass. But I think it tastes like heaven. If you try it and hate it, stop drinking immediately because unless you’re James Franco in that rock-climbing movie that I couldn’t watch because obviously we know what happens, health shouldn’t be a sacrifice. Godspeed.