Change Your Salt, Change Your Life

When it comes to salt, it's okay to be a reverse-racist!

When it comes to salt, it’s okay to be a reverse-racist!

You know that dirty hippie in your dorm who was always like DUDE. Why even listen to Phish on CD? They’re a live band and you’re supposed to experience them in person while you eat weed burritos and impress chicks with your Devil Sticks skillz. Ugh, that guy. He smelled so bad. But I feel like I get him now, because this is how I feel about salt. When you eat white table salt, you’re basically consuming the culinary equivalent of a Down With Disease radio edit: an over-processed, highly-produced Pantone shade of the original. But unlike a Phish show, real salt is cheap, accessible, and won’t ruin your favorite quilted tank top. When I say real salt, I mean Himalayan Pink Salt, which is packed with essential minerals your body needs. By comparison, white table salt is heavily-processed, bleached, stripped of minerals, and often contains shitty additives and anti-caking agents. Barf. Pink salt is more expensive than white salt, but IMO worth it because it’s a nutritious upgrade that tastes the same. You can read more about the benefits of real salt here and here, and you can buy my favorite brand here. And if this metaphor made you nostalgic, you can stream live Phish shows here.