Activated Charcoal: Traveler’s Bestie


Not just for BBQs!

Have you ever had traveler’s diarrhea? No? Mazel. Yes? I KNOW BRO. It sucks. JK, IT BLOWS!!! Last time this happened to me, I was at a wedding in Mississippi and was determined to dance my way through it. I regret that. Nowadays I always travel with Activated Charcoal. I pop two or three pills the second I feel I’ve made a dietary misstep (see: Gulf Shrimp from a truck). I’ll keep taking this dose several times/day until I’m back to normal. I also take it before bed after a night of heavy-Shirazing or anytime I eat SHAMEFUL FOODSTUFFS like sugar or gluten. Why? Because AC is super-duper absorbent, and really good at sucking up toxins. If you take too much, you can get a little consti. And sometimes it can make your poo turn black—but IMO that’s better than having your poo turn into water. You can get AC at Whole Foods or you can order it (for cheaps!) online. I also like this (not so cheap) kind.