I Just Breathed the Cleanest Air On Earth And Now I’m Better Than You

Definitely doesn’t smell like LA (Photo cred: Andy Pearson)

Definitely doesn’t smell like LA…

Oh, what’s that random Facebook friend from high school? You married a tech entrepreneur, lost 100 lbs, have two perfect kids and a six-pack and just hosted a Zac Posen trunk show in your 5-BR open-plan SF loft? Well. HAVE YOU BREATHED THE CLEANEST AIR ON EARTH? That’s what I thought. Listen up: your life is meaningless until you’ve walked the Cape Kumukahi lava fields on Hawaii’s easternmost point and inhaled. Mmmmmmmmmmm. For reals, scientists use Cape Kumukahi “virgin air” that’s drifted across the Pacific for weeks, as a benchmark against which to measure the “old slutty air” of their respective locales. What does the cleanest air in the world smell like? SUCCESS, obvi.