I Paid $35 For: Compression Socks

Because without them... weird shit could happen.

Because without them… weird shit could happen.

I heard that compression socks can help maintain circulation while you’re flying and guard against blood clots and something gross called Deep Vein Thrombosis (Don’t Google this). Since research is totes boring, I took this on blind faith and snagged a pair from REI. I opted for wool over synthetic because THAT’S HOW I FUCKING ROLL and I opted for footless (I believe the fancy term is “calf sleeves”) over footed because that’s what SmartWool offered in my size. I’ve worn these on my last few flights and, meh. I don’t know if they’re doing anything. They DO make me feel like I have a secret on under my clothes, but I could probably get the same sensation from piercing my ladyparts. But then again, that might also be uncomfortable on long flights. Being healthy is confusing.

Worth $35? Maybe. I’m gonna keep wearing them, but I’m not really sure why.