Decoding Food Labels

In terms of confusing, food labels are up there with the plot of Inception, character names in 100 Years of Solitude and whatever the fuck is happening here. As a food-consuming human with zero nutritional training, I… Continue reading

Finally, A Natural Deodorant That Works

Guys. I can’t believe I haven’t posted since July. You can probably smell the guilt through the computer. You know what you can’t smell? ME. That’s because FINALLY, after years of combing Whole Foods and the Internet for… Continue reading

Foreign Fingers Part 3: Turkish Bath in Istanbul

  Even if you’re not into health stuff, going to a Turkish bath is one of those things you can’t leave Istanbul without doing. So if you ARE into health (and by health,… Continue reading

Foreign Fingers Part 2: Thai Massage in Copenhagen

So after my not-so-great reflexology experience in Amsterdam, I was ready to get back on the horse. And by horse I mean moderately-clean massage table with stains I chose to overlook. Welcome to… Continue reading

Foreign Fingers Part 1: Reflexology in Amsterdam

Some people say the best way to experience a city is through its food. Or its people. Or in Amsterdam’s case, its “empowered” prostitutes. While I agree with the first two, I prefer… Continue reading

Matcha: A Drink That’s Not Wine Or Coffee

The Danes didn’t invent Matcha tea, but like pretty much everything else they touch, they make it look really fucking cool. And after 5 days mainlining coffee, Sancerre, and liquid butter in Copenhagen, I felt ready… Continue reading

Mint Tea: How Did I Only Just Learn About This?

It makes sense that a city whose dining establishments sell mostly coffee, chocolate, bread, cheese, more cheese, fried cheese balls, and the occasional White Widow joint is also ground zero for something your… Continue reading

7 Sleep Hacks I Did Not Invent

Unless you’re a new parent, a touring comic, or my husband, you should be getting a good 7-9 hours of sleep every night to maintain optimal health. Obvi this varies by individual, but moooooost humans I… Continue reading

Oil Pulling: This is a Thing Now

Sorry for the dad joke, but ALSO I’M NOT SORRY. Because it was the perfect setup: Just like dads, oil pulling is helpful, old-school, kind of awkward, and cheap. The name is a little misleading, so for those of you… Continue reading

Chimes of Gluten-freedom

Thanks McSweeney’s for caring about the same shit I care about. LIST: Alternative Health Establishments That Should Be Opened By Characters from Bruce Springsteen Songs 1. Puerto Rican Jane’s Prenatal Yoga 2. Hazy Davy’s… Continue reading

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